Places where you may find the Semesterboll

Welcome to the home of the semesterboll

This foul creature was first spotted back in the early nineties in the distant town of Örnsköldsvik in the northern parts of Sweden. The "thing", which at first didn't have a name, could at first sight appear as terrifying, but with time the Semesterboll grew in to what it is today. The Semesterboll can be recognized by its distinct hipster glasses and is often seen with its number one appliance, an iPhone 5, firmly gripped in its left hand.

You should not fear if you appear in a situation where you are confronted by the mysterious Semesterboll. At the first glance, the Semesterboll may seem to react with some hesitation, but will with time probably enjoy your company. If you want to come the Semesterboll a bit closer, bring a cat or any other fury animal (not rabbits).  

So, what is suppose to be written here?

Guess this is the place for some random stuff. While these are summoned up, please enjoy a picture of the Semesterbolls best dog friend, Laban.